Monday, March 8, 2010

out and about...again

please tell me you can see the robot looking face in this bird feeder

is this a 'cleaners' or 'cleansers'??


  1. Have you tried one of those smiley potato things?! It's like mud-butt meets mouth.

    But, (or Butt...) they do make for a carefree picture.

    What's the story on the Peeping Tom statue thing?!

  2. A robot with a widow's peak. Definitely.

  3. And what are those little smiley face thingies? Cookies? Potatoes?

    They are food, right?

  4. melissa- the statue is just some random thing i noticed while peeping...i mean driving.

    lizzi- i didnt even notice the widow's peak and yes those smileys are in fact food. they're for...ahem, the kids ; )