Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'you were my first, my last, my everything'

welcome to the peanut butter plus jelly version of urbanity. for those of you not in the know, urbanity is the brainchild of miss lora who has a raging fever! the concept of the urbanity madness is really quite simple. it originated in philly, where lora posted several pictures covering a slew of topics. philly is her hometown and she decided it'd be cool if she could get others to do the same in their respective towns. thus urbanity was given life.

these are my first offerings of things my eyes have caught in and around the new england area. by the way, these pictures are from 2 summers ago. i wish there was some sun here right now.



  1. Love it! I just created a Beach Urbanity version last week thanks to Lora.
    Check it out:

  2. Interesting. I like the idea, and you have a great eye. I might have to do one of these as well.